Everyone's been waiting for more photos from this past weekend's JustDrift/Ziptied.com AllStarBash 4 presented by Federal Tires, so here are some more for ya! I really gotta give props to the drifters and drifting fans from all over the West Coast who braved the 100+ degree heat in Southern California's Mojave Desert; it was ridiculously scorching hot - the type of heat that leaves you sunburnt and sunstroked with heat exhaustion.
One thing I feel the need to mention too...  even though Federal Tires didn't actually have corporate presence at the event, to the average onlooker, it certainly felt like they did. The Just Drift crew did a great job of making sure there was tons of Federal Tire signage all over the track and pit area... and if that didn't get your attention, then certainly Federal Tire graphics all over the Just Drift S13s certainly did. (Cars owned by Charlie Ongsingco and Henry Shelley)
In the above photo, this trio of S chassis Nissans were very fun to watch as they divebombed hard into the corners one after another on the Willow Springs balcony on Saturday! Just look at the wheel fitment on the gold S13, which is owned by Tommy Roberts from San Diego! That guy is reppin SD pretty hard! Big ups to Tommy and the Westslide Connection crew!


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