Speaking of old school Japanese drifting style, you can't forget Mark Slide Squad. This guy doesn't only have a bunch of cool historic Japanese drift team stickers, he has some history himself! I first met Mark at a Battle of the Imports back in 1999 or 2000 or something. Yes, we met at an import drag race, haha! He's a super nice guy, and a die hard S13 maniac.
He had one of the first drifting style S13 Silvias I ever saw with my own eyes in the USA (the old blue one - check Google or look for old copies of Young Version Magazine or Super Street to check it out), plus one of the cleanest RB26 powered S13s I've seen (the red Silvia coupe - buy a copy of Drifting - Sideways from Japan to America at your local bookstore to see the car in action)... and now he has a new project - a super clean black RPS13 with gunmetal Regamaster Evo wheels and the super cool RPS13 rear trimpiece for his kouki 180SX lights.
Mark's new black RPS13 is a work in progress - Mark is going to build it with old school "Japanese street drifter" style in mind, while keeping the car extremely clean, to show S13 guys that you don't need to have a beat up S13 to be a hardcore drifter... and you don't need to drive a carshow queen to have a clean car. The dashboard and interior on this car are sooo clean! Keep checking back with Speedhunters for updates to this car, we'll definitely show more pics as Mark finishes his car up!
BTW: I absolutely LOVE the sticker style on Mark's car. I personally have many of these stickers, but not all of them! Mark's rocking tomodachi stickers from legendary Japanese drift teams such as Rapid, Break, Running Free, Marionette, ICBM, Koguchi Power, and even EIGHTYSIX FACTORY - a sticker that I used to have on one of my cars before it got wrecked. Damn, I wish I didn't use it on my car, then I would still have a copy for my collection! Damn!!! His rear window even has the old school ghetto Slide Squad stickers that his teammate Dave made at Kinko's in Thousand Oaks CA about 10 years ago! Hilarious! I still have this sticker in my desk drawer, from 10 years ago.


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